Fujifilm Canada Inc.

The Fujifilm Printlife aims to inspire, educate, and create awareness about the importance of printing digital photos. Printlife is all about discovering new and fun ways to enjoy your photographs. Launched June 2018 by Fujifilm Canada, Printlife provides consumers with fresh content so they can better organize, archive, share, and preserve their precious memories for generations to come.

Since its inception, Fujifilm Printlife has inspired Canadians to share their everyday photos with initiatives such as the annual Printlife Photo Exhibit. Inspired by a small exhibit that started in Japan in 2006, the Printlife Photo Exhibit has grown into an international movement in not only Canada and Japan, but also in the United States, Germany and Malaysia!

Fujifilm Printlife has also partnered with prominent brands such as the Toronto Raptors in order to share the love for capturing the moment and printing unforgettable occasions. As so many memories are lost and forgotten on camera rolls and devices in the digital age, Fujifilm Printlife eagerly encourages you to join the Printlife movement and save your precious memories!

Fujifilm Printlife products are all proudly produced in Mississauga, ON, Canada, please visit www.fujifilmprintlife.ca, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @FujifilmPrintlife.