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Bronze Sponsor

Washokujob provides the Human resource service to Japanese cuisine restaurants all around the world. Until now we have made contracts with restaurants from more than 20 countries.
* “Washoku” means Japanese cuisine.

And we have more than 600 highly experienced and qualified Japanese chefs and other staffs registered with us. So, our chefs fulfill all the requirements of all kinds of Japanese restaurants.

Also, our clients (restaurant owners) and chefs are not Japanese only, we can provide service to all Japanese cuisine restaurants with both Japanese or Non-Japanese national chefs.

Furthermore, we provide the Total Management Service (TMS) to Japanese cuisine restaurants and owners who want to start Japanese restaurant. Washokujob-TMS supports to launch a new shop with all phases such as, shop design, head-chef/staffs recruiting and relationship creating with supplier of Japanese food/drink.

Washokujob hopes to contribute to the world peace via sending Washoku chefs around the world.