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DENSO Sales Canada, Inc.

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DENSO is one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers of technology and components. For more than 70 years, we have partnered with every major vehicle make and model to deliver safer and more efficient cars. In Kariya City, Japan, we got our start with spark plugs, but today, we’re crafting innovative technologies and products around the globe that save lives, protect the environment, and shape the future of mobility.

For instance, in Mississauga, Ontario, DENSO Sales Canada began in the aftermarket sales business and, five decades later, has transformed into a leading provider of OE and aftermarket products, including its First Time Fit ® A/C compressors, oxygen sensors, fuel pumps, and much more. Today, it sells the first fully integrated climate control system for double decker buses. DENSO Sales Canada’s high-quality and reliable customer service, innovative technology and streamlined and safe processes has helped make DENSO one of the biggest supplier to car manufacturers and automakers throughout the world.

But, as the automotive industry continues to rapidly evolve, so is DENSO and its companies in the United States and Canada to better address the mobility opportunities and challenges our customers will face in 2030 and beyond.

One way we have shaping the future of transportation is through our commitment to collaborating with outside companies, universities, and research institutions. While DENSO has traditionally been more self-sufficient in the past, we are embracing open innovation to bolster our technology portfolio to quickly and flexibly develop unique solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

For example, in February 2018, DENSO invested in Dellfer, a young cybersecurity startup based in San Francisco, California. DENSO’s investment in Dellfer signifies our strong interest in the cyber protection of autonomous and connected vehicles, a critical factor for enabling a safe and secure mobility experience for drivers and riders.

And, while we actively pursue investment opportunities that bring innovative solutions to the automotive industry, our talented teams of engineers continue to develop safety technologies and products. In May 2018, DENSO released its retrofittable driver status monitor that reduces the number of traffic accidents involving commercial vehicles by checking for distractions based on the driver’s facial image.

Our customers have relied on DENSO for decades to deliver safer vehicles. But to truly create a world free of traffic accidents, DENSO is working to make the communities safer in which our more than 23,000 North American employees work and live. To that end, we teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide, an international nonprofit that works to keep kids safe from preventable injuries. Together, we created a comprehensive toolkit ( that encourages employees to spread safe driving habits and provides ample resources for easy and actionable steps to become a road safety advocate.

The new technologies we are creating and investing in and the partnerships we are establishing support DENSO’s long-term commitment to deliver a safe and secure automotive society for all people around the world.

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