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Youth Theatre Japan

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Our Story

1. Our mission statement

YTJ is an organization in which we actively seek to promote social interactions within the youth of Japan through meaningful activities. We believe that members will be able to express themselves in purposeful ways while taking advantage of opportunities for social and cultural exchanges. Through these activities, which incorporate international collaboration, we are able to contribute to society as a whole.

2. YTJ Performances (musicals, concerts, & charity events)

YTJ hosts a variety of performances throughout the year. This includes the Spring Dance Festival, a Summer Musical, and a Winter Concert.These productions consist of performances with singing and dancing in English, which are also performed in our overseas events. YTJ’s productions are made possible by our sponsors, who support our organization.

3. YTJ Showcases

YTJ has three showcases a year where all members are welcome to join. These showcases provide members withthe opportunity to showcase the skill in which they have acquired over the past term and to become familiar with stage productions.

4. Community Events & Performances

Based on the demand, throughout the year YTJ also performs at community events, festivals, and as back-chorus for upcoming artists.

5. Internal Involvement

YTJ promotes global communication and cultural exchange through our performances in English, both here in Japan and abroad.We hope to convey a positive message of worldwide cooperation for our members and the countries and cultures they visit.