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Kintetsu International Express (Canada)

Bronze Sponsor

Canada and Japan! Two People of two nations can achieve mutual understanding by an active exchange which will help to overcome differences in background resulting from their individual histories, culture, political structures, economic systems, and other. We, Kintetsu International Express (Canada) Inc., are honored to play an important role between countries to reach the goal of closer mutual understanding.

Along with the coordination of the tours for Japanese people visiting Canada, we serve Canadians with planning any kinds of group travel, selling individual package tours and airline tickets, Japan Rail passes etc. through operation in our Toronto office where actually located in Mississauga Ontario. We are happy to be a citizen of Mississauga from the company establishment in more than 20 years ago and it’s a great honor to serve Canadians with our travel related expertise. Looking forward to see you all at the Japan Festival CANADA 2017 in Mississauga.

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