NTN Bearing Corporation Of Canada Ltd.

NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd., based in Mississauga, Ontario manufactures and distributes a wide range of ball and roller bearings, serving the automotive, industrial and recreational markets.

Established in 1968, NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd. has enjoyed continuous growth and expansion over the past years. The corporate head office of NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd. is located in Mississauga, Ontario.

NTN Bearings are available through more than three hundred distribution outlets across Canada. With this extensive network, NTN is able to offer prompt, off the shelf service anywhere in the country.

NTN is also a large supplier to a wide and diverse range of manufacturers.
These manufacturers cover the spectrum of products; from automobiles to snowmobiles, from in-line skates to pulp and paper mills.

NTN Bearing Manufacturing Canada manufactures bearings for worldwide markets under license from the design authority of NTN Corporation. Our production team members demonstrate their capabilities through versatility and adaptability in a production environment that is constantly undergoing machine and design alteration.

The bearings produced at our facility have wide market appeal. They are effective in both radial and thrust loads and when used under high-speed rotation. Our bearings are used in the manufacture of automobiles, agricultural machinery, power motors, household appliances, and many other applications.