Debuted in Japan as a singer-songwriter in 1983. After establishing himself in the pop world with a number of hit songs in the 1980s and 1990s, he pursued his dream as a child in 2008, aiming to become a “jazz pianist”, and moved to the United States to enter music college when he was 47 years old. After studying jazz in earnest with young teens and twenties people, in July 2012 he started his own label (PND) and released the first album as a jazz pianist worldwide.

In 2018, he announced his self-cover solo album `Boys & Girls’, which has been arranged into jazz with his big hit songs from the long-awaited POP era, such as ‘Never See You Again (Kakkowarui Furarekata)’, ‘YOU’, and ‘10 people and 10 colors (Junin Toiro)’, which have been sealed after moving to the United States. This album was selected for Top 20 in ‘Jazziz’ magazine in 2018. In 2019, he released his sixth and first trio album “Hmmm” from Sony Music Masterworks.

Senri Jazz, which transcends the genre of music as a characteristic of ‘Pop meets jazz. Jazz meets pop’, has been highly evaluated in Europe and the US, and has achieved 39th place in the national radio ranking.

Participated in various charities during the PAUSE period by COVID-19. The newly written “Togetherness” was selected by the Associated Press as one of the top 40 songs to listen to during the pandemic and won the number 1 in “THIS. Entertainment Magazine”.