Sakuramai TO is a yosakoi dance group based in Toronto, Canada. We perform at various Japanese Cultural events in the city as well as near by cities. The group has been performing since 2008 and actively participating in many festivals. We have been performing at annual festivals at Japanese Cultural Community Centre, International Travel and Tourism Show in Montreal, Burlington Sakura Festival and many more.

Yosakoi style dance is a unique, exciting and energetic dance that consists of more than 100 dancers marching on the street with colorful costumes and naruko clappers. The original Yosakoi Festival which started in Kochi Prefecture is one of the biggest Yosakoi Festival in Japan and more than 100 teams will compete each other with their creativity and originality.

Rule of this competition is that you have to hold the naruko clappers and the song contains the folk song “Yosakoi bushi” – meaning Yosakoi notes –

August 2016, Sakuramai TO was invited to Kochi Prefecture and officially certified as Yosakoi Ambassador. This honorable certification was received from Governer of Kochi Prefecture and we are proud to be one and only team operating in North America to expand this unique and energetic style dance outside of Japan.

We believe this style of dance brings people together and creates the atmosphere where dancers and audiences feel the connection.

We continue to work very hard to introduce this Yosakoi style dance and have an amazing time at the same time. We just love dancing Yosaoi!