PENs+ is the emo/post-rock solo project of Rio Arai.
He is a guitarist/vocalist who uses self-produced video art and background music in his performances.

As a band, PENs+ has released 3 albums in Japan and 1 record in America.
He has since toured in six cities; three in Canada and three in America. Now he lives in Canada and has began his solo activities.

In addition, as a graphic designer, Rio has collaborated with a variety of companies such as TOWER RECORDS and Village Vanguard. He has continued to expand PENs+’s brand, selling his merchandise primarily online, as well as in-stores in Canada and Japan.



また、グラフィックデザイナーとしてTOWER RECORDS、ヴィレッジヴァンガードとコラボするなど、多岐に渡る活動を行う。
オリジナルグッズブランドとしても “PENs+” を展開し、通販をメインに、日本とカナダのアパレルストアにて販売を行う。