Kendo can be literally translated as “The Way of the Sword”. Aimed at improving the mind and body through the practice of swordsmanship, Kendo is a martial art with roots in the Japanese Samurai tradition, dating back well over a thousand years.

Modern Kendo consists of two basic types of practice. The first is Kata, consisting of choreographed series of attacks and counter-attacks practiced using wooden swords or replica live blades. The second is practice using the “shinai”, a bamboo sword designed to be safely used in conjunction with protective equipment, to permit full contact practice of cuts, thrusts and blocking techniques.

The Mississauga Kendo Club practices Wednesday and Friday evenings at the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus in the Dance studio located the main floor of the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre (RAWC). We welcome anyone ages 8 and above who is interested in learning Kendo to visit a practice, ask questions and give Kendo a try!

The Mississauga Kendo Club

Mississauga Kendo Club photos courtesy of Selene Witcher & Yukio Yamada