Miho Taniguchi, Japanese singer-songwriter, is well known for her strong and clear voice. She has composed songs since she was a high school student, and participated in many live concerts in Japan. In 2015, her voice was admired by Ayaka, a very famous Japanese pop singer, and together they sang at Tokyo Dome City Hall. In 2016, she started to upload various kinds of music videos on Instagram and Youtube.

In 2017, Miho met Japanese rock guitarist Ken Hayakawa and they formed an acoustic duo in Toronto. Even though it’s a brand new duo, they are quickly gaining momentum and we can expect great things from them in the near future.

For this special festival performance, they have gathered excellent support members to make a full band. Guitarist Yuki Hongo, bassist Yuji Ito and drummer Reon Nakata will be joining Miho and Ken.




今回のJapan Festivalでは、自身初となるバンド編成に挑戦する。谷口美帆, 早川謙とともにサポートメンバーとして、ギター本郷裕紀, ベース伊藤裕司, ドラム中田玲音が参加する予定だ。