Anime North is Canada’s premier fan run anime convention, celebrating anime, manga, video games, music, and all other forms of Japanese culture. We are the largest anime convention in Canada, and one of the founding members of the I.O.E.A. (International Otaku Expo  Association), an organization backed by the Japanese government to promote Japanese popular culture world-wide. In 2016, received a citation from the Consulate General of Japan for our contributions, one of only 3 groups in the world so far to be given that recognition.

Anime North just celebrated its 20th birthday, and hosts a number of guests and performers over the course of the convention weekend. From Lolita fashion guests, to various musical artists and DJ’s, English and Japanese voice actors and manga artists, and more! The convention hosts tens of thousands of attendees over the weekend and with panels and discussions on people’s favourite series and theories, games and shows and competitions, there is something for everyone!

Anime North is delighted to be a part of the Japan Festival of Canada and bring some of the amazingly talented people we have at the con – to the stage! Thank you Japan Festvial of Canada for this opportunity and we hope everyone enjoys the show!