Akamine sisters are Ryukyuan dancer unit from Naha city, Okinawa prefecture. Six years old, they entranced into Chikako Maeda who is owner of “Ryukyuan Dance Hachiyo-ryu Yone no kai” by their mother’s suggestion. They have performed at the world heritage Shuri castle park and National Theater Okinawa their sponsor stage, because their dancing unique senses and performance skill got praise. And also, they both have received the highest award by the Okinawan Times Performing Competition of Ryukyuan dance, which is regarded as a professional gateway.

Currently they moved to Tokyo, have taken a teacher license of Hachiyo-ryu to carry on tradition of Ryukyuan dance to future generations, furthermore performance histories are not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan, Bulgaria, Korea and Hawaii. In 2016, they independently performances “Akemodoro no mai” praised the great success that tickets were sold out and there are standing up audiences. After more than 20 years of their history of performer, they dedicates to spread of Ryukyuan dance and be dancers of traditional performing arts.

Older sister Natusko Akamine
Beginning was six years old, she entranced into Chikako Maeda by her mother’s suggestion. One year later, she took the first stage at Okinawan Peace Memorial dedicated performance. When she was 15 years old, made her debut at Shuri Castle. After that, she performed at the National Theater Okinawa Organized performance and got praised by the Okinawan local newspaper. She moved in Tokyo, has graduated from Music university in Tokyo. She also perform as a opera singer home and abroad, that’s why she has artistic sensibility and amazing expression. Her performance career is 23 years.

Younger sister Maki Akamine
Beginning was six years old, she entranced into Chikako Maeda with her sister Natsuko. One year later, she took the first stage. When she was 14 years old made her debut at Shuri Castle. She got a stage with her sister Natsuko which is sponsored by National Theater Okinawa and performed “Nuchibana”. The reason why they got this opportunity is Hachiyo-ryu is recognized as great performers from many others and Akamine sisters are qualified by Chikako Maeda. In 2011, she moved in Tokyo to go to the college. After graduated, she went to Toronto, Canada for studying abroad in 2014-2015. Her strength is man roles using her noble appearance. Her performance career is 20 years old.




姉 赤嶺奈津子

妹 赤嶺真希