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Cooking Competition

Japan Festival CANADA Talent Competition

Grand Prize Winner

Mr. Martin Fu

Final candidates

Mr. Timothy Yan (on the far light) and Mr. Martin Fu (2nd from the right)

Cooking Competition Sponsors

Japan Festival CANADA Talent Competition

Seeking Your Idea for a special dish to commemorate “90th anniversary of Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relations”!!

The winner will be awarded a round trip Airline ticket to Tokyo!!

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relations (2018-2019), we are organizing Canada-Tokyo Cooking Competition.
It is a contest to compete a special menu inspired by Japanese cuisine or ingredients. Professional and non professional chefs who are enthusiastic creating one of a kind menu for Canada -Tokyo Cooking Competition are invited to the competition.


Canadian residents who have passion, interest and appreciation toward Japanese food and cultures.

Theme for the Recipe
  • The Recipe must be specially created for celebrating “90th Anniversary of Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relations” and inspired by Japanese food or ingredients.
  • The dish must be prepared and presented within the allocated time frame.
Application Deadlines / Result Notifications
  • Primary Audition
    Application deadline : July 31
    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by August 5th.
  • Secondary Audition
    Application deadline:August 15
    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by August 10th.
  • Individual application only (a group will not be accepted)
  • 19 years old and older
  • Must reside in Canada
  • Professional and non-professional chefs are invited
  • Must be present to compete at the venue on August 25 upon selected as finalists. (transportation fee will be covered by the organizer)
  • Must agree and accept the condition that the recipe will be released to the public

Primary: Document review (application form)
Secondary: One-minute-video clip of self-introduction and PR (How enthusiastic and excited to be part of the competition and how well you are connected to Japanese food and culture)
Final: Food tasting at the venue of Japan Festival CANADA 2018
Final Competition

Final Competition

Date: August 25, 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: Japan Festival CANADA 2018 main stage
Judgement: Panels of Food critics will actually taste the dish at the main stage and the winner will be announced.

  • 2 Candidates will be proceed to the final.
  • Transportation fee and ingredients will be provided by the event organizer.
Winner Prize
  • A round trip Airline ticket to Tokyo (for the winner only) [Presented by Japan Expo Canada Inc.]
  • Tour in Tsukiji Market & Experience Japanese Food at Ginza “Shibuu [Presented by Washokujob.]
  • Japanese fusion restaurant “Terra” meal ticket (drinks and transportation fee to the restaurant are not included.) [Presented by Washokujob.]